Kvinnors plånböcker
Kvinnors plånböcker

Kvinnors plånböcker

Gaia (dark brown)
Small, neat leather wallet
508 kr
Cinzia (red)
Small, neat, spacious leather wallet
552 kr
Marcella (navy blue)
Luxurious, genuine leather wallet for women
610 kr
Lucia (dark brown)
Slim, elegant and functional wallet
407 kr
Matilde (tan)
Ingeniously designed leather wallet
600 kr
Elisa (red)
Small, compact and just the perfect size
305 kr
Filomena (yellow)
Refined and sophisticated luxurious leather wallet
609 kr
Maria (black)
Slim, colourful wallet with large capacity
630 kr
Noemi (brown)
Soft and supple leather wallet
658 kr
Anna (royal blue)
Slim, luxurious, high capacity wallet
685 kr
Sofia (wine)
Colourful, optimal small wallet
531 kr
Kvinnors plånböcker